ct4025 Bollard DualEVerCool™ Shaded Electric Vehicle Charging Stations by Apollo Sunguard, authorized reseller for ChargePoint, provide the ultimate electric vehicle charging station package. ChargePoint electric vehicle charging stations paired with Apollo Sunguard™ shade structures result in faster charging times, less energy consumption, and longer battery life for your electric or hybrid vehicle.

EVerCool™ installs charging stations in homes, parks, traditional gas stations, retail locations such as shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, and tourist destinations.  Contact us today to discuss your green possibilities!

The EVerCool™ Shaded Electric Vehicle Charging Package offers a broad range of outdoor shade structures in a variety of shapes and sizes to pair with your electric vehicle charging station! EVerCool™ Shaded Charging Packages provide safe, comfortable, and durable protection specific for YOUR property.

Innovative EVerCool™ Shaded Electric Vehicle Charging Station packages keep you on the forefront of the electric vehicle movement. LEED Points! LEED Points!

EVerCool ™ Shaded Charge Stations, The Ultimate Car Charging Package!

EV plus

Its Simple! Shaded charging stations perform better and cost less. Shaded charging units deliver a faster charge (by approx 15 minutes) and use less energy (2KW in savings)..which saves you money and extends the life of your battery!

Apollo Sunguard

  • Sunguard Shade Cloth® blocks up to 97% of UV radiation
  • Shade lowers internal car temperatures by up to 100 degrees
  • Best color selection – steel and fabric
  • Lowers the ambient temperature up to 20 degrees
  • Wind rating up to 105 mph with cover; 170 mph without
  • Holds up to 5 lbs snow loads, 10 lbs live loads
  • Pre-Engineered to meet all building codes
  • Quick & Easy cover removal
  • Unmatched industry warranty- 15 years fabric/20 years steel (non-prorated!)


  • Worlds largest EV Charging Network (over 28,000 locations and counting)
  • Cloud based information system backed by 24/7 customer support
  • Real time tracking and station management (in use, available, out of service)
  • The Open ChargePoint Protocol (OCPP)- open communication standard that allows charging stations and central systems from different vendors to easily communicate with each other. Learn More!
  • Includes instructional videos available in multiple languages
  • Connects instantly to the Charge Point Mobile App or most GPS
  • Custom service plans available for easy payment